We believe, that even though we live in a world full of brokenness, shame, guilt, suffering, and injustice, God is not OK with that. We see a people and a city that God is renewing. We see a God who brings us into healed relationship. An intimacy that brings us deep rest, wholeness, peace, and purpose.


We believe this great love of God frees and releases us from the burdens and weights that each of us carry in order to love those in our faith community with honesty and friendship. An invitation to love our city with service, respect, and honor.


We see a community where everyone in our city, regardless of background, race, sexual orientation, or economic status is loved, taken care of, and respected. We see a community that rests in the goodness of Jesus Christ and that honors and loves him. We see a community that serves our world in such a way that their are no longer any obstacles to the gospel of love and grace. We see a church that just isn’t in the city, but is also for and with the city.


In short, we see a group of beautiful people, who come from all walks of life, and who humbly approach this city and everyone in it with grace because Jesus has dealt with us so graciously.


We understand that it's God's kindness that leads to transformed lives. Like Jesus, we see our neighbors and are moved to want to love them well. Both in our church, and working with other communities of faith in Seattle, we seek to create a context where the good news of Jesus can be truly experienced. 


- A Seattle Church